Aims and Objectives

  1. Its main objectives are to communicate with the alumni for the development of college, to mediate with the alumni and maintain information on their professional achievements and activities.
  2. It is dedicated to promote and foster interaction amongst the alumni, faculty and present students in order to take the college to higher levels of excellence. P.T.A.A. ensures to stimulate the continued interest of all graduated and former students.
  3. Its act as an informal advisory board to the campus, and provide a means whereby alumni may join together for the improvement of the college campus and University in its entirety.
  4. The motive is to create a channel ensuring development of students by providing necessary resources, guidance, motivations and financial help in area of interest.
  5. It organizes Samanvay for a close interaction between the alumni and their alma mater for mutual betterment and welfare activities.
  6. It looks after the welfare of the students and the alumni.