Every year SAMANVAY, the annual alumni meet of College of Technology, pantnagar is organised by P. T. A. A. and the alumni cell to revitalise all the old memories and to create the new ones.

Samanvay starts with an inaugural function, a moment when the lost friends get to meet up again and after 25 years the same buster of laughter fills the atmosphere with blissful memories. It is the nostalgic moment for all the alumni to remember those joyful days spent together. Then the interactive session takes place where students get an oppurtunity to clear out all the hitherto of life, allowing them to enlarge their perspective. The alumni also share their college experience and knowledge with the students. Further, a thrilling cultural night is organized by the college students. The mesmerizing performance & fantastic talent resulting from the tedious efforts of the students lets the alumni have a gala time with their batch mates, creating innumerable heavenly memories & thus rejuvenating the experiences of their college life. The next day a hostel visit is organized for all the alumni letting them visit all their old hostels for a brief stroll, reliving every smile, every prank, every fight that took place at different corners and corridors of the hostel. The idyllic sound of those giggles that got faded in the spirit of life are heard again.

At the end of the event there are lot of experiences and wider scope to fortify the bond between the alumni and the college.

Help Desk

  • For Registration
    Amit Tripathi(+91 9315774396)
    Abhishek Tiwari(+91 8077528802)
  • For Transport
    Ajay Kumar(+91 9520846364)
    Pranjal Barthwal (+91 9927081468)
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