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The students' Alumni Cell, College of Technology is a voluntary student body working under the aegis of Pantnagar Technology Alumni Association (P.T.A.A.). This voluntary group of students along with Engineering and Technology Society organises many events throughout the year. It strives to bridge the gap between College of Technology and its esteemed alumni community. Over the course of past few years, the cell has emerged as a key organ of the P.T.A.A. in executing its year- long activities and continuously endeavours to strengthen the relations of the alumni and their alma mater.

The Alumni Cell has been instrumental in organising the “SAMANVAY” - the Annual Alumni Meet of College of Technology. The two-day event comprises of interactive sessions, campus tour and cultural night. The remarkable contribution made by this group in compilation of the content of the different magazines viz., Biannual Newsletter (Latitude 29), Biannual e-Magazine (Audient) and Annual Magazine (Souvenir) affirms the timely publication of these magazines by P.T.A.A.

Along with these, the Alumni Cell also shares other events like N.A.T.I.O.N.S., Photoholic in COLOSSEUM - the technical fest organized under the banner of Engineering and Technology Society. In N.A.T.I.O.N.S., various political and social aspects of prominent countries of the world are discussed. Photoholic is a fun event to entertain the participants. It also organises COLLOQUY- the career talk to guide the students.

The Alumni Cell look forward to take up more initiatives and organise more such events to foster the bond between the institute and the alumni.

Help Desk

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    Gaurav Pathak - Chairperson
    (+91 9548092443)
    Vikas Pundir - Webmaster
    (+91 7983450621)
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    Shivam Bhardwaj(+91 6204905851)
    Harsh Sehgal (+91 9548471921)
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