Message from General Secretary

The Alma mater of an individual is where the life takes its form. From making friends to discovering one's field of interest, it is the place where we transform into who we are today. The impetus that institute provides to each and every individual is a gift to be cherished throughout one's life.

The College of Technology, Pantnagar has been a crucial platform in career building of thousands of students since 1962. The college share the concept that the Alma mater is not just an academic centre but also a place for proper grooming of every individual in all fields so as to make them a great citizen of the country. It is with this intent that for about 60 years now, the college has been and will continue to develop outstanding engineers, leaders and administrators for the nation and the world. The co-curricular and extra-curricular activities develop versatile engineers who actively contribute a lot in their professional and social life.

Pantnagar Technology Alumni Association (PTAA) is a registered body and has a strong alumni base with high intellect who have excelled in all spheres of life and have brought name and fame for themselves and the institute. It is now time to come back to the institute and share your intellect with students and faculty in many different ways.The networking would be a pleasure for continuing students while they interact with Alumni. This will be beneficial to them in all possible ways, such as career guidance, endowment, lectures, working towards start-ups and helping each other.

I, on behalf of the Association, invite all the Alumni of College of Technology, Pantnagar, wherever they may be, to join us in serving the Alma materby becoming member of the PTAA.

Thanking You,

With warm regards

Vinod Kumar
General Secretary, PTAA
Ph.D. (Irrigation & Drainage Engineering)
1986 Batch Agricultural Engineering